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The building on the site on which the Vale Mission stands can be dated as far back as 1887 but the land on which it sits has history dating back to 1806. In 1806 the Braye du Valle, a body of water splitting Guernsey in two pieces was reclaimed by Governor Sir John Doyle. The first part of the Hall that stands now was built in 1888, 82 years after the reclaiming of the land. The large wall at the rear of the car park was part of the original beach wall, a former resident of a cottage built on the site remembering remains of former mooring rings. The site was owned by Mr Peter Vaudin pictured below with his wife, sitting outside the cottage (now demolished) adjoining the south side of the church bulding.

In the church notices of the Guernsey Press dated May 22nd 1904 an anniversary service was held to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the church opening. At 10.30am Mr Vaudin took the morning service and the evening service was taken by Mr Simeon Clayton. On April 3rd 1930 the Vale Mission was sold by heirs of Mr Peter Vaudin (Ernest Vaudin) to Fred (father) and Harold (son) Fuzzey for £280. The adjoining cottage was purchased by Fred Fuzzey from Mark R Cook for £285.

Partage of the Vale Mission (from the French word partager meaning “to share”) of Fred George Fuzzey was registered May 13th 1947. Harold Fuzzey bought out relatives (Collins) from the cottage on 30th September 1947 for £475. On July 23rd 1964 the Vale Mission was transferred from the Fuzzey family to Trustees when Harold Fuzzey waived his rights to the building. Following this, on the 27th July 1971, Douglas Fuzzey waived his rights to the cottage. In 1992 the decision was made to demolish the cottage and the hall as it stands today was developed.